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Vestibular Rehabilitation

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Our physical therapists treat Vestibular Disorders such as Positional Vertigo, Vestibular Hypofunction and Balance Disorders. 

Vestibular Disorder

Vestibular disorder, also known as vertigo, refers to damage to the organs in ones inner ear with disease or injury, and the brain can no longer rely on them for accurate information about ones equilibrium and motion. This damage results in problems in the inner ear causing dizziness, which in turn can cause nausea and trouble balancing. 

Our therapists can work with you to retrain the baring to better respond to feelings of dizziness through rehabilitation exercises. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is a form of physical therapy using a specialized exercise-based program designed to promote central nervous system compensation for inner ear deficits that result in gaze and gain stabilization. Treatments vary from Epley maneuver to balance challenging exercises, which are essential in stimulating and retraining the vestibular system. 

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A physician’s referral is required because our licensed therapists work closely with your physician to develop an effective therapy program that gets you back to your daily activities.

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