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Aquatic Therapy

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Start recovery and therapy sooner at Healthplex West.

Healthplex West offers state of the art Aquatic Therapy that is one-of-a-kind in Central Missouri. Our variable depth pool features  an adjustable floor,Pediatric Aquatic Therapy meaning patient have safe access without ladders or steps. Patients simply walk or are wheeled onto the floor and are lowered to the appropriate depth. The floor of the pool doubles as an underwater treadmill, which offers a low-impact, high-resistance therapy program for our patients. 

Whether you need to increase your range-of-motion, regain strength or improve your balance and gait, aquatic therapy allows our licensed therapists to start your therapy program sooner. Patients with weight-bearing restrictions often experience a more comfortable and speedier recovery with hydrotherapy. And aquatic therapy provides pediatric patients with a sense of play while they are actually working to improve their condition. 

Get Referred

A physician’s referral is required because our licensed therapists work closely with your physician to develop an effective therapy program that improves range of motion.

We've Got you Covered

Aquatic therapy services at Healthplex West are covered by these insurance plans. Contact your provider for specific coverage and co-pay information. Contact us about pre-authorization and pre-certification.

Aquatic Therapy is offered at Capital Region Healthplex West, located inside the West Edgewood Medical Professional Building.

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