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Vicki   Wilbers

Group Fitness Instructor

About Vicki

Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Lincoln University

Areas of Special Interest: Les Mills BODYFLOW

Team Member Since: 2017

Vicki Wilbers is the Executive Director of the Missouri Dental Association. The Missouri Dental Association serves to promote the interests of dentists in Missouri and the public it serves. Ms. Wilbers graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Lincoln University in 1995.

Ms. Wilbers has been with the Association since 1992 serving in a variety of positions, becoming Executive Director in 2006. In this capacity she also serves on the Boards of the Missouri Dental Association Foundation, the Missouri Dental Well-Being Foundation, Missouri Dental Political Action Committee and Missouri Dental Insurance Services, Inc. Ms. Wilbers is also very involved with the Missouri Dental Association Foundation’s Mission for Mercy (MOMOM) a large-scale dental clinic that provides free oral healthcare to patients of all ages who cannot otherwise afford care.

Ms. Wilbers currently serves as the treasurer of the Missouri Oral Health Coalition. She enjoys singing in the St. Francis Xavier Contemporary Choir in Taos Missouri. She also enjoys running, group health fitness classes and spending time with her family. Vicki and her husband, Darrell, live in Taos and have two children, Ryan and Macyn..