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Kid Fabric (300x300)

Pediatric Therapy Fabric Drive

Capital Region's Outpatient Pediatric Therapy Department is in need of kid-friendly fabric! 

We have partnered with the Jefferson City Correctional Center’s Restorative Justice Program to provide pediatric patients with weighted vests and blankets, which provide a calming effect to improve focus and attention. Through the Restorative Justice Program, offenders at the correctional center construct the weighted vests and blankets from donated materials and then provide them to appropriate pediatric patients for free.  

Therapy Fabric 2Weighted vests have been proven to increase “on task” behaviors in school-aged children by 18-25% in certain studies. They have proven effective in children with Pervasive developmental disorders to increase attention, decrease self-stimulating behaviors and reduce behaviors that can be distracting to others. The weighted blankets help children who have a tough time settling themselves to sleep as well.


Outpatient Pediatric Therapy typically uses weighted vests for children diagnosed with Autism, Sensory Processing disorder, Attention Deficit disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder, Pervasive Developmental disorders or those that have difficulty regulating their behaviors.

Adrienne Wilde, Speech therapist at Capital Region Medical Center’sTherapy Fabric Sam B. Cook Healthplex expressed, “These vests are extremely expensive and several families cannot afford them. Partnering with the Restorative Justice Program allows patients and their families the opportunity to have them when they may not have the means to get them. So just knowing that we have them eliminates some amount of stress for these patients and their families, which is very rewarding.”  Outpatient Pediatric Therapy provides these to the families free of cost when indicated as part of their treatment plan.  

A minimum of 2 yards of kid-friendly cotton fabric is needed per donation. A container is available in the Sam B. Cook Healthplex waiting room for donations.

For more information, contact Adrienne Wilde at 573-632-5633 or awilde@crmc.org.