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OT - Texting Neck

OT - Neck and Shoulder Injuries from Technology Use

"Texting neck" refers to a repetitive strain injury that occurs from hunching over your phone. Looking down at your smartphone can put 60 lbs of force on your neck. Slouching in this posture can reduce lung capacity by as much as 30%. If left untreated, this could result in pinched nerves, early onset arthritis, gastro-intestinal issues, difficulty breathing, spinal degeneration, headaches and pain.

Occupational Therapy can help! 

Try these first, and consider OT if problems still persist. To prevent cell phone elbow:

  1. Straighten up. Be more mindful about your posture at the shoulder and neck. OT can give you more suggestions.
  2. Arch back. If your posture isn't perfect, try doing shoulder extensions. Arch your neck and upper back backward, pulling your shoulders into alignment under your ears.
  3. Look forward.Rather than tilting your chin down to read your mobile device, raise the device to eye level.