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Living a Healthier Life through Exercise

Did you know that exercise can be the best medicine? Research has shown that exercise provides a myriad of positive results that encourages a healthy lifestyle. Exercise can improve blood pressure and total cholesterol; decrease resting heart rate, body fat and blood sugar; and strengthen the bones, skeletal system and overall body strength.  Exercise also has a positive impact in alleviating stress, increasing energy and improving mental awareness.

The Sam B. Cook Healthplex promotes exercise as a way of preventing and treating chronic disease. Our staff helps people of all fitness levels work toward their health and wellness goals. It’s important to have a plan that works for each individual’s needs. An exercise regimen that is too rigorous may cause injury, too easy and the participant won’t see results. Working with a professional to find the right fitness plan is key in achieving success. Take for instance, this real world example of how beneficial a regular exercise program can be for you. 

A 50-year-old member increased her exercise regimen from very minimal exercise (less than 90 minutes of exercise per week) to doing regular activity (over 180 minutes per week).  She engaged in a structured exercise program for 12 weeks that consisted of two 30-minute personal training sessions and about 120-180 minutes of independent cardiovascular training per week. Through the increased activity, the member found improved health and wellbeing.

  • Decrease in weight by 15 pounds
  • Decrease in body fat by 3 percent
  • Lower resting heart rate by 10 beats
  • Lower total cholesterol by 22
  • Decrease fasting glucose by 20
  • Improved blood pressure and eliminated the need for blood pressure medicine.
  • Increased her strength and energy and is now able to better perform home landscaping projects.

It’s not hard to see exercise is a powerful force in improving one’s health.  The staff at the Sam B. Cook Heathplex Fitness Center are experts in their respective fields with advanced degrees in exercise science and exercise physiology.  They have dedicated their lives to promoting exercise to improve health and wellness.  By prescribing exercise, we spread the passion for helping others live happier, healthier and more active lifestyles. 

Need some help getting started on your exercise program, or do you need a boost to your current program?  Call 632-5634 to find out how you can sign up!