1423 Southwest Blvd

Office Yoga

OFFICE POSTURE:  Sit up.  Lift your spine. Sit with both feet on the floor; use something under your feet if they do not reach. Relax your shoulders, soften your jaw, and lower your chin. Breathe.

KEYBOARD CALISTENICS:  Squeeze fists tight. Stretch fingers wide. Rotate hands. Do finger and hand massageMake it a habit:  Constantly stretch your hands and wrists.

NECK & SHOULDER RELEASES:  Ear to shoulder, both sides.  Roll head side to side. Turn “Look into the Backseat”.  Chin to chest. Shrug shoulders, with exaggeration. Roll shoulders both directions.

STANDING BY CHAIR: Mountain pose (good posture). Tree Pose (balance on one foot, placing other foot on calf, if possible. May hold on to chair.) Heel lifts (strengthen and stretch legs).

DESK STRETCH: Place your hands on the desk. Stand back with feet hip width apart, toes face forward, knees slightly bent. Walk back until you feel a good stretch in your back, head in line with arms.

FORWARD FOLD: Sit in chair with long spine. Lean out over your legs, then fold forward, hang. Good for Low Back Pain.

CHAIR TWIST: Cross one leg over the other (sit like a girl). Place right hand on outside of left knee, twist left. Do both sides. You may hear popping, but you are not broken.

EYE STRAIN: Take minibreaks from your computer screen as you work. Refocus every 10 minutes by looking around your office or out the window. Each hour close your eyes, let your face soften. Slowly roll your eyes in a circle. Take a few breaths.

BREATHE: Make it a habit to sit quietly with eyes closed and watch your breath five minutes a day. It will change your life.  NAMASTE