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Summer Slimdown Champion

Capital Region Medical Center employees participated in the Summer Slimdown, a 3-month weight-loss challenge! Throughout the challenge, 25 teams participated with 232 individuals. This amounted to a total loss of 1,187.6 pounds! 

Travis Crede of Materials Management was the Summer Slimdown individual champion! Read Travis's story below: 

Several things motivated me to participate in the challenge. First, I was coaching Jr. High basketball and I noticed that I was getting winded often. As a coach, I wanted to set a better example and be in better shape. Next, I went out with my friends in April and took a group photo. As I looked at the photo, I noticed I was out of shape! Finally, we had a vacation planned for right after the challenge. I wanted to look better on vacation, and winning the cash would be a bonus on the vacation!

It was key for me to take it one day at a time. Instead of setting one huge goal, I set many small goals: Getting the day started on the right note was important. For me, that meant packing the food I planned to eat during the day. Another goal: no soda or any sugary drink. I didn't cut out bread on purpose, but when you avoid eating fast food, the byproduct is eliminating a lot of bread. Fish and salads were by "go-to" foods. I allowed myself one cheat day a week and indulged in Subway cookies!

I had lost weight before by either dieting or exercising. This time, I put both into practice. I ate healthy and I jogged. My jogging increase from 3 miles at a time to 10. On the days my knees were sore, I used the elliptical machine at the Healthplex. Also, my job as a courier keeps me moving!

I send a huge shout out to Angi Stohs, our team captain, and my team, the Burning Lipids*. We encouraged each other and being a team kept us accountable and successful. 

*The Burning Lipids compiled 147.2 pounds of weight loss and were the number one team in the competition.