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Staying Active: Gearing Up for Back to School

Regular physical exercise makes it easier for your child to maintain a healthy weight, which allows them to move with greater confidence and skill.  Exercise also plays an important role in helping your child sleep better, which can impact their academic performance.

Try these tips to increase your activity:

  • Establish a routine, just like reading a book before bedtime, and set aside special time for staying active.
  • Let your child help with household chores, such as raking leaves, watering plants, or walking the dog
  • Integrate physical activity into daily life. Encourage active
  • spur-of-the-moment physical activity, such as dancing to music. When outside the home, try walking instead of driving or taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator.
  • Turn a family activity into a learning experience.
  • Go on a nature hike and discover different trees, birds, and flowers.
  • Visit a local farm and learn about seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Set up a mini scavenger hunt in the backyard and invite the neighborhood children over.
  • Limit screen time to no more than 1-2 hours per day.

One of the best things a parent can do to help improve their child's health is to be a positive role model. Whether it is staying active or eating a healthy diet, children can be influenced by behavior and, luckily, they can pick up some of your healthy habits.