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Easy Grab-N-Go Snacks

We all know the feeling...you have exactly 14.5 minutes from the time they got off the bus until you need to be in the car on your way to practice or a game. It's only about 30 seconds before they walk in the door you start to even think about what your evening will entail and a little bit of panic sets in. YOU ARE NOT ALONE (at least I hope I'M not alone)!

Kids need to eat small meals often. And almost all kids are hungry the second they get home from school, so we need to be prepared with some quick and easy grab-and-go snacks.

One way I try to make it easier on everyone, is to keep a designated basket of snacks in the pantry and a drawer in the refrigerator. This consists of things that my kids know they can have without asking and that they can prepare themselves. Most of the items are already prepackaged and are easy to grab and take with us. 

Healthy Snacks