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Wellness Navigators

Guiding your Journey to Wellness

Our mission at Capital Region Medical Center is to improve health and promote wellness in the communities we serve. We offer Wellness Navigator Services on a corporate platform as well as for individuals wanting additional health coaching.

A Wellness Navigator is a compliment to the services provided by your physician. A Wellness Navigator provides continuity of care to assist patients with following through on physician recommendations. They facilitate healthy, sustainable behavior change by challenging their clients to develop their inner wisdom, identify their values and transform their goals into action by utilizing motivational interviewing and positive psychology.

A Wellness Navigator can work with your physician to help you understand your medicine, improve medication compliance, manage chronic disease and ensure your age appropriate screenings are up to date. 

Benefits of Working with a Wellness Navigator

  • Compliment the services of your physician by assisting with sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • Management of chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.)
  • Guidance and accountability to set goals
  • Achieve and maintain healthy weight
  • Plan easy, healthy and delicious meals
  • Improve mood and reduce stress
  • Enhance sleep and increase energy
  • Understand and reduce cravings

Wellness Navigator Services

  • Biometric and Health Risk Assessment Consultation
  • Lifestyle Coaching - Nutrition, Fitness, Stress and Sleep
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Goal Setting
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