New Dimensions Weight Loss Program

Go Beyond Basic Fitness

The New Dimensions Weight Loss program is a great way to go beyond basic fitness goals to a healthier, leaner lifestyle. Our staff offer nutrition guidance and tips to to help you strive for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

Our Staff are Here for You

A team of registered dietitians, exercise specialists and psychologists will teach you techniques for successful weight loss and maintenance. Their experience and education ensures that you are not only safely reaching your weight loss goals, but also keeping the weight off.

Designed for Optimal Results
This 18-week, supervised program features:
  • Weekly Educational Meetings
  • Regular Weigh-ins
  • Healthy Recipes and Meal Plans
  • Behavior Modification Instruction
  • Exercise tips and education 
  • Sam B. Cook Healthplex Fitness Center Membership (optional)

Get Started Today!

Contact us for more information or to get started with the New Dimensions Program at the Sam B. Cook Healthplex!

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