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Social Skills Group

Does your child...
  • Have difficulty making and maintaining friendships?
  • Have difficulty interpreting social cues?
  • Have trouble initiating, engaging in and maintaining a social conversation?
  • Shy away from or have anxiety in social settings?
  • Appear immature in social interactions when compared to his/her peers?

Social skills impact every aspect of our lives. The development of social skills is as important as the development of academic skills. The Pediatric Therapists at the Sam B. Cook Healthplex have created a group designated to build pro-social behaviors and increase the functional life and daily living skills of the youth in our program. 

Our social skills/pragmatic language group focuses on teaching social communication skills through a variety of fun and engaging activities. Each session will build on key social skills and will provide your child with a solid foundation of understanding how our brains work and how to recognize and respond to the many social interactions we encounter throughout the day. 

Social Skills Schedule