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October Apple of Our Eye: Tennille Bolte

Tennille Bolte, medical assistant for CRP-Internal Medicine, is the October Apple of Our Eye! Tennille is bursting with enthusiasm for health and fitness! 

Like most busy working Moms, Tennille's health began to take a back burner to married life and parenting. She didn't realize how far her health had slipped until her 2015 biometric appointment with Wellness Navigator, Jen.

"My blood pressure was high, my cholesterol was high and my weight wasn't healthy. My biometric results were a smack in the face. In that moment, I realized that I wasn't living a healthy lifestyle, and my kids were watching everything I was doing."

Jen challenged Tennille to make herself a priority. 
Tennille & Kassity
"She told me that I had to find a way to get some type of exercise on my schedule. That's when I started walking on my lunch break with my co-worker, Kassity. It felt so good to be active - I decided I could do some activity before work. Then that led to wanting to be active again later in the evening. Really I just look for ways to be active. If we only need a few groceries from Walmart, I'll walk to the store and carry it all home."

Tennille has also incorporated eating more fruits and vegetables and avoiding processed foods. 

"At first, I followed a 21 day diet, and then I realized I could just keep cooking healthy for myself and my family. I'm on day 186 of eating healthy, and I'm feeding the same healthy foods to my kids!"

"This year I met with Jen and I had made dramatic improvements in all areas: My blood pressure is lower, my cholesterol is better and I've lost 43.6 pounds and 5 pants sizes! I'm so thrilled!" 

Tennille is an amazing motivator!