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Apples of Our Eye - May 2016


Meet Theresa Branson, Administrative Assistant for CRMC Corporate & Community Health. Since joining Corporate & Community Health in September, Theresa has incorporated many lifestyle changes: She works out faithfully at the Healthplex during her lunch break and follows the workout plan set for her by Healthplex staff. She has changed her eating habits from eating processed foods at lunch to eating more whole foods. "I have so much more energy every morning and I'm sleeping well each night." Before making these lifestyle changes, Theresa was borderline hypertensive. Since September, Theresa has reduced her systolic pressure by 30 points and has a completely normal blood pressure!


Next, we would like to introduce you to Dan Pavely from radiology. Prior to beginning health coaching, Dan was recovering from a wrist fracture. Although he was 8 months into his recovery, he had reduced mobility in his wrist and was unable to complete his usual workout routine.  “I had pretty much accepted the fact that my wrist would never return to full health and that I would not be able to participate in the activities I enjoy like biking and volleyball without pain.  The wellness program encouraged me to attempt occupational therapy, which was a total success in eliminating my pain.  The ability to participate in physical activity without pain will allow me to stay active and maintain a healthier lifestyle.”


Carolyn Rademann has had many jobs at CRMC! Currently she works in EVS. After 40 years of smoking, Carolyn quit this year! “I would want people to know that with the help of Dr. Boyer, Dr. Nabahane, and Leah - I have achieved my goal! I switched to vapor cigarettes and stepped down my dose of nicotine. I didn't  have to go through withdrawals. I would like people to know that smoking is a dirty, smelly, expensive habit! It doesn’t have any benefits and I’ll never smoke again!


ScottScott Lymer began this year with a wake up call. “I had a high blood pressure reading for the first time in my life!” After four months of coaching with Carol, Scott  has changed his pattern of  eating to include more vegetables and less carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes and pasta. He also started exercising on a treadmill. Scott has lost 25 pounds and decreased his blood pressure from 121/81 to 100/72. “I feel motivated to set and achieve additional health goals I have set for myself.  I have tons more energy, am sleeping better, feel less irritated and, overall, I feel so much better!!”

Ashley Thomas has changed her nutrition habits to include more vegetables by making nutritious smoothies. She learned new ideas from the “Eating Whole Foods” lunch and learn Smoothie presentation, and is now adding spinach, kale and broccoli to a fruit smoothie -making good nutrition a delicious treat. She has even recruited some doubting coworkers to try her creations, and guess what, they are making them too!


Meet Karen Klosterman, RN with Mental Wellness. “My experience with health coaching has been awesome. I was, admittedly, opposed to having a health coach and went in for my 1st meeting with  a chip on my shoulder. I thought to myself, I know how to eat healthy, so why am I having to meet with someone about it? Surprisingly, Jen did not talk about weight loss. She didn’t even ask me to weigh! She started talking about healthy foods and various tips to interject fruits and vegetables into my diet. Before long, I was ASKING her if I could weigh in. The 1st month I started eating healthier, I lost 11 lbs! The 2nd month I lost 7 lbs! I have never really deprived myself as I remembered Jen had said, “Let yourself have some of the things that you really want on weekends.” "My whole lifestyle has changed in what I choose to eat. I’m working towards my goal and I’ve lost 22 lbs to date. I am so thankful to have a health coach!”