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Apple of Our Eye - April 2016

Denise Branch, radiology patient transporter, is the April Apple of our Eye! Denise first began working for CRMC in 1979, then rejoined Capital Region in 1988 for a total of 31 years of service. Denise was nominated for the Apple by CRMC's Corproate & Community Health Department as a result of her enthusiasm for the Fitbit program and her amazing recruitment of participants in the competitions! If you know Denise and have a Fitbit, no doubt she has convinced you to join a competition. If you know Denise and don't have a Fitbit - look out! She's persuasive.

Since the CRMC Fitbit program began, Denise has logged over 7,763,933 steps! Prior to joining the Fitbit program, Denise describes her activity level as "not quite a couch potato, but I wasn't very active." Today, she regularly logs close to 20,000 steps per day! In addition to walking on her lunch break, Denise head to her neighborhood after work: "I've turned the church and cemetery into my own personal track! I love getting out and walking. It's a great stress reliever for me to be outside, walking, mowing, cutting wood and playing with my grandson."

When it comes to Fitbit challenges, Denise doesn't wait for Corporate & Community Health to start a competition. "I send people an invite. Whether it's Goal Day, Weekend Hustle or the Daily Show Down - I send people an invite or I respond to their invite. My steps are determined by who is challenging me - because I was to beat them!"

Denise has also begun introducing more "whole" foods to her diet by making smoothies. "I make my smoothie based on whatever I have in my refrigerator, but it's almost always filled with broccoli, cauliflowers, carrots and a banana."

Great job, Denise!